THURSDAY (3/4/21)

Hello, my Name is Dan Weinkauf. I’m in the West of Westside Home Group
led by Wade Stoller and Phil Lubensky. In April I will be celebrating 10
years of marriage to my beautiful wife Pam. I’ve been in the engineering
field for 37 years.

  • Take a few minutes and read Matthew 10:1-42 (the entire chapter).

This chapter is quite the pep talk, right? Verses 28-31 really speak to
me. I’m an introvert and easily stumble with my words. Afraid to appear
stupid or too arrogant.

But I’ve learned you can be a good witness without speaking a word.
Start simple: hold a door open for someone, smile and be friendly to
people, help someone cross a parking lot or street. God will embolden
you to speak and give you the words when the time comes.

Consider the following question as you go about your week:

  • What small gesture or act can you do to start on your path to be a good witness?