TUESDAY (3/16/21)

Hello, we’re David and Jenna Beebe. We’re part of the Potato Creek
Home Group, led by Greg & Megan Colvin. We’ve been married for 17
years and have four kids, ages 16-9 yrs. David is an electrician with KW
Services and Jenna is a stay-at-home mom and homeschools one of our

  • Take a moment to stop and read Matthew 18:1-14.

I love how Jesus compares us to children in this passage, and how
you can really see his love for children. Jesus calls us to “change and
become like little children” (His child), and he tells us right here how to
do it. Lowering ourselves to the “position” of a child. He wants to guide
us on the safe path to live with Him eternally. He sees this world we live
in for what it is and knows it’s not always easy. We face many trials and
temptations. I feel like he’s so clear in this passage on how we need to
turn from sin and temptation, and how violently we need to cut it from
our lives.

Sometimes our sins seem small and sometimes they seem so huge that
it’s hard to believe God would still want us. The devil would sure like us
to believe that lie. And it is a lie, straight from the devil—don’t believe
it! God’s word tells us that he will always leave the 99 following him to
chase down the 1 that has fallen away from him. That is how important
each person on this earth is to him, that is how important YOU are to
him. Every single one of us, no matter our faults or sins. If we will be
humble and turn from sin, God will welcome us with joyful, loving arms.

Reflect on the following question as you go about your day today:

  • Do you feel like it’s easy or challenging to humble yourself before God?