WEDNESDAY (3/17/21)

Hi, we are Denny and Jen Shay. We have been attending Riverside for
the past two years since we moved here from Pennsylvania. We have 3
teenage boys and we belong to the Potato Creek Home Group.

  • Please read Matthew 18:15-35.

In verses 15-20, we see that as sinners, we will offend one another, and
Jesus acknowledges that it will be hard and it will be a process to work
through. In verses 21-23, Peter (so like us) thinks that we are good and
merciful to forgive a repeat offense. Jesus takes it so much further. He
points to the forgiveness we’ve received—an immeasurable grace. We
are tempted to nurse an offense and we want to be paid back in some
way for the offenses we’ve received. In verse 35 Jesus makes it clear
that, as His followers, we are commanded to forgive and to be merciful.
As difficult as it is when we are sinned against, we are called to forgive as
Christ forgave us. As we work through these things, we can take comfort
in the mercy He’s shown to us.

  • Take the time to pray and search your heart. Is there anyone from whom you have been withholding forgiveness?