FRIDAY (3/19/21)

Hey, my name is Ben Colvin. I hang out and play games with the kids at
the Potato Creek Home Group led by my parents, Greg & Meg, and our
family friends, Mr. Benji & Ms. Ila. I’ve enjoyed spending time with all the
kids in Junior High and having conversations about Jesus with them.
It’s been really cool getting to know all of them and what they think!

  • Let’s read Matthew 19:16-30

When Jesus is teaching the disciples, He clearly states that it is
impossible for a wealthy man to enter the kingdom of heaven, but it is
not impossible with God. Now, I don’t think God’s telling me to go sell
all my belongings, but what I do feel Him telling me is to follow Him.
What I’ve really learned from this passage is: no matter what I have on
this earth, whether it be a big house, an awesome sports car, or money,
if those things are something that draws me away from Christ or distracts
me from Him, then I need to get rid of them
. I want to walk alongside
Jesus the way His disciples did, and I want to keep His commandments.

God has promised us something so much better than anything on this
earth. In fact, it’s way better. He has promised us eternity with Him in
heaven when we choose to accept Him in our hearts.

  • What distracts you the most from God?