TUESDAY (3/23/21)

Greetings! My name is Cathy Shreve. My husband Dale and I are the
parents of three adult sons, and grandparents to seven grandchildren
ages 9 through 25 (yep we are that old!) We have called Riverside home
since it started about 11 years ago, and we lead the new North by
Northwest Home Group.

  • Please stop and read today’s passage Matthew 22:1-14.

The Kingdom of Heaven is like… We can read multiple parables that
Jesus told, giving us glimpses of what heaven is like. Most were not
what the religious leaders of the day expected.

How do you feel when you receive an invitation to a wedding? I know
that I feel honored to be included as the family looks forward to the
special day. My calendar is marked, the invitation accepted, and I look
at my schedule to see what arrangements I need to make, knowing that
planning and preparation by the couple has already started before the
invitation has even arrived.

To ignore an invitation from anyone is rude. To reject an invitation from
a king seems really surprising. In this passage not only were the multiple
invitations rejected or ignored, but the king’s servants were also mistreated and even killed. Sadly, one man in the story failed to wear the garments
provided by the king, with grave consequences.

This passage makes me think about Revelation 19:9.

  • Have you responded to the invitation of the King?
  • Take some time to consider what it means that many are invited but few are chosen.