WEDNESDAY (3/24/21)

Hello, my name is Dale Shreve. My wife Cathy and I have been married
for 46 years and have 3 sons and 7 grandchildren. We are part of the
North by Northwest home group that recently started meeting on Friday
nights. What a blessing being part of a home group has been for us over
the years. To have a group of friends to laugh with, cry with, and to dig
into scripture with is truly what community is all about.

  • Today we will read Matthew 24:36-51.

As I think about these verses I wonder would I be living my life and
serving the Lord differently if I knew the exact date and time of his
return. If I knew the Lord was returning this year would I be more
intentional with loving my neighbors? Would I be more generous with
my time and possessions? Would I be more consistent in giving God the
glory in everything I say and do?

In verses 45-47 we find the description of the faithful and wise servant.
Is he called faithful and wise because of some extraordinary thing that
he did? No he was commended by his master because he did exactly
what the master expected of him. He was charged to serve the servants
of the household their food at the expected time and that is what he did.
How often do I fall short of what the master expects of me?

  • Take some time to reflect on how these passages speak to you. Is there anything you would change if you knew the time and date of our Lord’s return?