THURSDAY (3/25/21)

Hi, my name is Donna Ring. I’m in the North by Northwest Home Group
led by Dale and Cathy Shreve. I have lived in South Bend for 24 years in
the same house on the West side—doesn’t seem possible it’s been that
long. I have worked in various jobs and lived in various places over the
years. I am now retired and loving it.

  • Read Matthew 25:1-13.

Every generation says Jesus is coming soon. So many generations have
said this that it is easy to not take it seriously. Yes, we know He’s coming
back, but probably not now. We’ve gotten kind of drowsy.

That’s what He’s saying in these parables: We don’t know! So…

Today’s passage helps us see what we are to be doing: waiting with
purpose; waiting prepared; waiting with clear vision. I was curious why
the bit about the wick was included here. Why trim your wick? Come to
find out a trimmed wick keeps soot from forming on the inside of the
lantern and so keeps the lantern light burning bright.

Some questions to help you meditate on this passage:

  • Why are the 10 virgins waiting? What were they expecting? What did they have with them? Why? Who were they responsible for at the time of the bridegroom’s coming?
  • What is Jesus’ instruction in v. 13? What does that look like for us in 2021?
  • This might be really spiritualizing, but I pray we all keep our wicks trimmed so that our light is not dimmed and so that we can see our way clearly as we wait and watch. Walk in His light this day.