SATURDAY (3/27/21)

Hi, brothers and sisters! My name is Diedra Barrett, and I enjoy the
fellowship of the North by Northwest Home Group; being a part of
Riverside is a great blessing. I moved to South Bend three years ago
to help my daughter and grandchildren, although this is not my first
time residing in Indiana; I originally moved to Granger with my family
in 1999, living in the area for 10 years! As my social media profile states,
[I’m] “Always growing, always learning. Love God, my family, and
most people (haha). Most happy when being loved, loving others, and

  • In today’s devotional we’re completing Matthew 25. Please read Matthew 25:31-46 with me about Sheep and Goats.

This passage, for me, has both glorious and terrible aspects. First, Jesus,
as King of Kings, coming in magnificent glory to sit on His throne with
(what I think will be) millions of angels! Can you imagine it?! At last! We
will see Him, not as a humble baby in a manger or our precious Savior
dying on the cross of suffering and shame; but what we have longed to
see—our King, the King of Kings, in all His holy glory! I can see it all in my
mind. Truly glorious and breathtaking! However, this particular throne
is one of everlasting judgment—and this is where the terrible comes in.
Just as a shepherd separates his flock into two groups, sheep and goats,
Jesus, our Good Shepherd, will divide every person on earth into His
two groups: those who have accepted Him as Savior (sheep), thereby
growing good fruit i.e. good works, such as caring for the poor and
needy (verses 35-40); and, those who have not accepted Him as Savior
(goats), thereby, growing zero fruit (verses 42-45). Group 1 will enjoy
everlasting life with Him, and Group 2 will be cursed, put into eternal
fire and punishment without Him (verses 41-46).

As Matthew Henry comments, “These are things of awful consideration,
because of everlasting concern to every one of us (

Consequently, the Holy Spirit compels me: 1) to produce more fruit by
loving others who cannot care for themselves (verse 40), and, 2) to be
a brighter light for Christ to the lost who do not know Him. It especially
grieves my heart to think of loved ones who have not yet accepted Jesus;
I want them with me in Group 1, saved from eternal fire and punishment
and ready for everlasting life with Christ!

Life Application Questions:

  • How am I living my love for Jesus (fruit/good works) by my readiness to do good (James 2:15-16; 1 John 3:17)?
  • How am I shining Christ’s light into the world, especially to those to whom I’m closest (Matthew 5:16)?