THURSDAY (4/15/21)

  • Read Genesis 2:8-17
  • As details get added to the creation story, continue to add to your drawing the layers of beauty and design.

Ponder the following questions today:

  • How does God demonstrate care for this man that He had created?
  • The phrase “all kinds of trees” keeps popping out to me – so much variety in creation! Some trees were just for visual pleasure. What does this say to you about who God is?
  • God gives Adam purpose and work to do. How is this true in your own life?
  • As you read it, are the commands in verses 16-17 framed positively or negativity? Is the emphasis on what to do or what not to do? How does that matter?

On a separate piece of paper, jot down some answers to this question:

  • In your own life, what are some “yes’s” you sensed from God?