MONDAY (5/31/21)

Hey Riversiders! This week we are going to be reading the whole letter of Galatians. Before we dive in, let’s watch this overview from our friends at the BibleProject: Read Galatians 1 Consider the following questions: What stands out to you as interesting in today’s chapter? How is God speaking to you through this passage today?

SUNDAY (5/30/21)

Listen to this song and relax back in the arms of the Father who lovesyou and pursues you. Revelation Song:

SATURDAY (5/29/21)

Read Revelation 21-22 Blessed are those who wash their robes, that they may have the right tothe tree of life and may go through the gates into the city. (Rev. 22:14) Have your robes been washed? The Spirit and the bride say, “Come!” If there is any doubt in your mind that your robes have been washedand you will enter …

FRIDAY (5/28/21)

Read Genesis 1-3 After all the reading these past weeks, what stands out to you fromthese chapters? Write down some answers on a spare piece of paper. Spend some time pondering a world without sin and shame and talk to the Father about whatever comes to mind.

THURSDAY (5/27/21)

Read 1 Corinthians 15:35-58 We just had to end with this passage which reminds me of Revelationand all that is to come in eternity: What is true of us (those of us who are sons and daughters of God) according to this passage? What makes you the most excited after reading this passage? Why is verse 58 true?

WEDNESDAY (5/26/21)

Read Acts 17:16-34 Paul, while walking through the city of Athens sees that they worship allkinds of idols, and just to cover their bases, they are also worshiping an“unknown god.” He seizes the opportunity to explain to them the OneTrue God, maker of heaven and earth. Answer these questions on a separate piece of paper today: Why, according to Paul, …

TUESDAY (5/25/21)

Read John 1:1-14 We learned in proverbs that Wisdom was there before the created earthand heavens. The same is true of the Word. Consider these questions today: Who is the Word that created everything? What does He bring to us when He comes to live with us? Why does it say that we are His own? How are we His? …