MONDAY (4/26/21)

  • Read Genesis 3:16

Reflect on the following:

  • Eve’s curse is very relational in nature. How do you see this worked out today? In your own sphere?

I had it explained to me once that the word translated desire here is
the same word used later in Genesis when God is telling Cain to resist
the desire to kill his brother, Abel. There it says, “sin is crouching at
your door and it desires to control you.”

  • Do you see a desire for control in yourself?
  • God creates them “side-by-side,” using a piece of the man’s side to create the woman, and now it has become a competition. I grieve this in so many ways. How do you see this competition in play in our world today?
  • Are there examples in your life of a godly “side-by-side” relationship and serving?