Saturday (3/21/20)

Read John 12:12-50

Secret believers: “People who believe in who Jesus is, yet they choose not to let others know.” Many rulers and well-educated leaders believed but kept their belief a secret. These believing rulers knew that if they confessed Jesus, they would be kicked out of the synagogue – no more friends, no more community support system.  They not only feared loss but they also loved the praise of men more than the praise of God.

Years ago, I was in a discussion with a group of other believers. When the question arose, “Is it evident to those around us that we follow Jesus?” One young man said, “I hope not, people think Christians are weird.” He worked at a machine shop. I wound up there a couple weeks later and just asked if he was working that day. The person behind the counter asked how I knew “Chris.” I said that we attend church together, and the man at the counter said, “Chris goes to church; you’re joking?” Chris was a secret believer.

  • If those who work or go to school with you asked about you, would being a follower of Jesus be on their list of things? In what ways do you want the praise and affirmation of people around you versus the praise of God?
  • Do you see leaders around you at work or school that you know are believers? Are they open about this or secretive?

Write out that one sentence summary!

Friday (3/20/20)

Read John 12:1-11

Remember our last study through the weeks of Epiphany? We discovered Jesus through the eyes of those he encountered. Today we are going to do just that. What a beautiful scene!

  • What do you think Mary learns about Jesus during this scene?
  • How do you think the events from John 11 impact Mary and Martha during this scene?
  • How does Jesus demonstrate value for her?
  • What do you discover about Jesus from this passage?

Thursday (3/19/20)

Reread John 11 

Today we are going to ponder some “feeling” types of questions. Spend some time in prayer and reflection.

  • When have you felt disappointed in Jesus because of a response or a lack of response to prayer?
  • Think about Lazarus being raised from the dead. What seems impossible in your life right now that you need to cry out to the Lord over? 
  • Not everyone was excited that Lazarus was raised from the dead. Has there been a situation where you see the Lord’s answer and it made you angry? 

Spend some time in prayer just sharing  your feelings with the Father.

  • Write out your one sentence summary!

Wednesday (3/18/20)

Read John 11

  • Imagine that you are Martha in this scene. What is going through your mind? Are you  angry? Hopeless? Frustrated?
  • What does it say about her relationship with Jesus that she speaks so strongly to Him?
  • How about you? Can you speak openly to the Lord in your anger or frustration about a person or situation?

“Lazarus is dead” Jesus said flat out in verse fourteen.  He wasn’t just asleep as the disciples thought.  

Jesus wept.  He wept at death. The sting of sin is death. 

There’s death because of the fallen world we live in.  Death isn’t a happy thing for anyone, including Jesus. After He mourns with the sisters, Jesus tells them that He is the resurrection & the life. Lazarus is called back to life in an amazing miracle that proves who Jesus is and that His Kingdom is a Kingdom of forever life. 

When believers die, we can say with confidence that “_______________ will rise again!” because Jesus is our resurrection. 

Tuesday (3/17/20)

Read John 10 

Let’s do the Know, Be, Do method for the whole chapter.

While I am reading, I like to put a light “K,B,D” right over the text so that I can immediately see the different areas.

KNOW (what does the text say about God?)

BE (What does the text say about us?)

DO (what is the text calling me to do?)

Take time today to think through those questions from this passage.




  • Write out your one sentence summary!

Monday (3/16/20)

Read John 9

The miracle of the blind seeing!  This is the first time, at least recorded in scripture, of  a person being born blind and then receiving sight.  Surely this blind man had no hope of ever seeing, so when the miracle was performed he couldn’t deny this was someone sent from God. Genesis 2:7 says we’re “made of dust;” how fitting is it that Jesus uses dust to open the blind man’s eyes.  Truly, the Creator was standing before this blind man.

The sad truth of blindness of sight versus blindness of the heart is what  seems to be the point of this chapter.  The blind man knew he was blind and needed help, yet the Pharisees did not know the blindness of their hearts to see the truth that was right in front of them.

Recently, I sat at lunch with a friend who has been a follower of Jesus for a while. He had recently been in a relationship that involved a lot of sexual sin. He was now out of that relationship and said that the pressing question on his mind was, “How is it that in my mind I know that Jesus has the best path for me, and yet I woke up day after day deciding to disobey in the area of sexuality?”Our areas of disobedience often point to hard or blind areas in our hearts.

  • Are there areas of your heart that you might be blind to? Ask the Spirit to show you.
  • Don’t forget your one sentence summary. 

Sunday (3/15/20)

This morning we are going to spend just some time in rest and quiet.

Close your eyes and picture yourself sitting with Jesus in a place that feels comfortable, safe and welcoming.

Just sit with Him there, perhaps tell Him some things that you appreciate about Him and the way that He cares for you. Perhaps just sit seeing in your mind how He holds you tightly and loves you.

Spend some time praying and listening to your favorite worship song preparing your mind and heart to be soft for this morning’s worship service.