Thursday 11/11/21

  • Read Acts 22: 22-29

When I read about Roman citizenship, it makes me thankful to serve a God who routinely tells me through scripture that I am a citizen of heaven.

The gospel of Jesus had to bring such incredible dignity to everyone—even women and children.

Obviously, being a Roman citizen had great impact in our reading today. Paul belonged to a special group- someone born a citizen.

When you repent and believe the gospel, God calls you His own, and grants you eternal citizenship with Him.

  • How has God shown you that you belong in His kingdom?

Wednesday 11/10/21

  • Read Acts 21:37-22:21

Paul shares the story of how he met Jesus and the impact that had on the rest of his life.

  • What about you? Have you come face to face with Jesus and the fact that you cannot save yourself? Not by doing good deeds, not by knowing a lot about the Bible, or even by piles of prayer.

Sin separates us from God, but the victorious love of Jesus makes a way for us to be in a right relationship with God. When we give our lives over to Christ, he rescues us from the penalty of sin and becomes the Lord of our lives. It is an incomparable joy to be forgiven of our sins, adopted into the family of God, and filled with the Holy Spirit to live a new life!

  • Share some of the highlights of when you gave your life over to Christ. Remember and spend some time thanking God for reaching out to where you were.
  • If you’ve never made a decision like this, reach out to someone you feel comfortable with and ask them to share with you.

Tuesday 11/9/21

  • Read Acts 21: 17-36

Random thought alert: Yesterday we read about Philip with the four unmarried daughters. I love how the focus shifts from physical offspring to spiritual offspring in this new season for the church. These four women get remembered forever in these pages!

James, in verse 25, references the decision made in chapter 15 regarding the Gentile believers. If you missed Keith’s sermon from Sunday, October 17- it is well worth going back and listening.

Not being Jewish, we no doubt miss a lot of the purification issues, food issues, and temple issues. But it’s hard to miss the strain between the Jewish and Gentile believers.

Paul surely has the right to not go through the purification- after all he himself tells us in the beginning of the book of Ephesians that we as believers have been made holy. But he chooses to set aside his rights for the good of the whole community.

  • Are there ways right now that you could set aside your ‘rights’ in order to promote unity and community?
  • How do you see or not see this happening in our church season right now?

Monday 11/8/21

  • Read Acts 21: 1-16

Watch the following video from our friends at the Bible Project:

  • What stands out to you from the video? Any questions or thoughts?
  • What route would you take, who would you visit, if you knew you wouldn’t see them ever again?
  • What have been the hard tasks that the Lord has given you that you set about to do? How did following His desires for you work out?
  • What is before you now that you know the Lord has for you, but you are hesitant?

Sunday 11/7/21

Our predictable rhythm leads us to spend our Sabbath in worship and prayer.

Pray and worship in the ways that you connect best to the Father’s heart. Think through another list of thankfulness.

Saturday 11/6/21

  • Read Acts 20: 13-38

Paul has a sad farewell with the elders of the church in Ephesus. He served them well and long- three years. I love his deep affection and love for those the Lord has put in his path. It is surely a model to me.

He leaves them with some things to do. These seem good for us to also ponder today:

  • Keep watch over yourself (v28). What do you think this looks like in your life?
  • Be shepherds of the church of God (v28). Who is there around you that you are a shepherd of? Kids? Younger siblings? Friends?

We are all further down the path than someone, we can all shepherd people.

  • Through hard work help the weak (v35). Paul quotes Jesus saying how good it is to give versus receive. Where and how could you grow in generosity?

Friday 11/5 /21

  • Read Acts 20: 1-12

Hmmm…. what a wild story!

  • When have you witnessed a clear miracle? No other explanation…the work of the Spirit alone. Describe what happened and how you felt.

I’ve never seen someone raised from the dead, and I’m guessing that you haven’t either, but the Spirit is surely at work amongst us.

  • What are works of the Spirit that you see here at Riverside, in your Home Group, or with friends?
  • What about your spiritual life is bringing you excitement in this season of life? (obviously in this passage, Paul’s speaking was pretty exciting!)