Saturday (2/15/20)

Read Matthew 26:14-30

Judas had been walking, living, and learning from Jesus for three years. Imagine the closeness of their relationship. Really think about the intimacy that develops from shared lives. From the highs and lows of ministry, conflict, and countless meals. Jesus knows that Judas has betrayed Him, and yet still invites him to the table, involves him in this ‘family’ time.

  • What does this reveal about Jesus (and the Father’s) heart?
  • Think of a person in your own life that has hurt or betrayed you. Have you had the opportunity to extend physical grace like Jesus did in this story? What has that cost you?
  • What do you see in Jesus’ response that you would like to be in your responses?
  • Spend some time asking the Holy Spirit to show you people that need to be extended grace from you…