Sunday 4/30

Jesus finishes chapter 16 by sharing that He has overcome the world.  All around us it seems there are struggles, excruciatingly hard situations, injustice, and pain.  Spend some time praying for what you see in your own world- realizing that Jesus has, indeed, overcome the world. In time, He will align all to His Kingdom. 

Saturday 4/29

   Read John 15:1-16:33     Try to condense chapter 15 into one sentence. Write it below:  What about chapter 16?  What are the 2 things you will remember most from this chapter?

Friday 4/28

Read John 16: 16-33  Jesus says at the end of this passage that He told them all these things to help them be peaceful.  What do you find the most peaceful about what He shares?  What trouble are you now experiencing? Write it all out and then spend some time offering it up to Jesus. 

Thursday 4/27

   Read John 15: 26-16:15  Describe (on a separate piece of paper) what the Holy Spirit does for us:  How have you seen the Holy Spirit at work in your own life? 

Wednesday 4/26

Read John 15: 18-25  How can we tell if we are being hated or persecuted because of our allegiance to Jesus, or because we have been mean or unkind?  Describe a time when, because of your alignment with Jesus, you experienced backlash/ persecution/ hatefulness?  Spend some time praying for persecuted Christians around the globe.   Head to the site: Voice of …

Tuesday 4/25

Read John 15: 1-17  Explain in your own words (on a separate piece of paper) Jesus’ analogy about the vine What do you think it looks like, in practical terms, to ‘remain in Jesus’?  What do you make of verse 7?  Why do you think Jesus shifts to calling them friends? What had changed?  Why do you think obedience is …

Monday 4/24

We are going to revisit the Bible Project’s video explaining the second half of the Book of John.  What stands out to you from the video?  Is anything interesting?  Confusing?