Friday 9/30/22

Read Hebrews 4: 14-15 What is the ‘therefore’ referencing in verse 14? (or what is the therefore there for?) What sin in your own life is it hard to imagine Jesus being tempted by? What do you think it looks like for Jesus to empathize with your struggles and temptations? How does this strengthen our hold on our faith?

Thursday 9/29/22

Read Hebrews 4: 12-13 How does it feel to know that all of you is laid bare before the Lord—what sort of thoughts does this bring up? Share a time when you felt the penetrating work of the word of God? How were your thoughts and attitudes judged? What spiritual disciplines could enable you to be taking in more of …

Wednesday 9/28/22

Read Hebrews 4: 6-11 Pray Last Friday—did any hardness of heart pop into your mind as you sat with the Spirit? What about areas of nagging disobedience? Spend some time clearing the air between you and the Father. Keith has often referenced verse 11 and talked about “effortful rest”. Making every effort to enter his rest. What sort of effort …

Tuesday 9/27/22

Read Hebrews 4: 3-5 The NLT translated verse 3 as “for only we who believe can enter His rest.” Again, the author warns that some may fail to experience His rest. What does rest look like for you? (not sleeping at night, but an experience of a deep, soul kind of rest). What does rest with Jesus make you think …

Monday 9/26/22

Read Hebrews 4: 1-2 Ask the Spirit to help you understand these verses. This is a stern warning. What is the author warning us about exactly? What does it look like to ‘fall short’? When did you begin to ‘share the faith’ as in verses 2? When did you trust Jesus to pay the penalty for your sin instead of …

Sunday 9/25/22

Spent some time just relaxing with the Lord. Continue to sit with the Spirit asking about areas of hardness in our hearts. Ask also who you could encourage today to press on in their faith?

Saturday 9/24/22

Read Hebrews 3: 14-19 What is the warning that you hear in these verses? How do you see it applied to your own life? What’s your plan to continue holding firm to the Father until the end?