Tuesday 2/28/23

Read John 7: 14-24 Why do you think Jesus eventually goes to the Feast and also to the Tabernacle to teach? In the end of this passage, how is Jesus ‘judging correctly’ and the leaders are not? The Jews are riled up because Jesus healed on the Sabbath. During our Exodus series, one of the practices was Sabbath. What does …

Monday 2/27/23

Read John 7: 1-13 We don’t really have time to delve into the meaning of the Old Testament Feast that the Jews celebrated annually. They are really cool—if you have time, do some of your own reading and see how the feasts kept the people pointed towards God in the yearly rhythms, and how they ultimately pointed to Jesus, the …

Sunday 2/26/23

Spend some time this morning relaxing with the Father. Write out some of the characteristics of God that you can exalt in prayer today.

Saturday 2/25/23

Read John 6 If you had to condense this chapter to one sentence, write out that sentence on a separate piece of paper or a journal.

Friday 2/24/23

Read John 6: 60-71 His disciples exclaim in verse 60 that what Jesus said was hard. They grumbled a bit. I can relate to this. What do you do when you are confused by a scripture or by something in life? When have you felt like leaving the faith? Has this ever happened? Peter recognizes that there is no one …

Thursday 2/23/23

Read John 6: 44-59 What do we learn about Jesus from these verses? How does someone get ‘drawn’ to Jesus by the Father? What does this look like? What did it look like in your own life? Jesus, in 53-58, just says some confusing things. Why do you think He often is confusing in what He says?

Wednesday 2/22/23

Read John 6: 25-43 So Jesus confronts the people about their seeking a miracle, seeking food versus wanting to know Him. What does your “seeking Jesus to know Him” look like in your own life? Are their practices you use (like the ones Andrew introduced as we worked through Exodus)? According to Jesus, what does the Father want, or what …