Tuesday, August 31st

Read Esther 2 Since we heard in the video about how Esther comes into the story (the King’s banquet, Queen Vashti’s refusal, the King’s edict…), let’s focus in on chapter 2. Let’s be honest- this choosing of a new queen is out of our paradigm. At least it’s out of mine for women to be herded about in this fashion. …

Monday, August 30th

I hope that you have been enjoying seeing God’s mercy displayed in the lives we’ve explored these past weeks. I’ve loved the parallels of hearing about expansive mercy on Sunday through the gospels of Jesus, and then seeing God’s heart reflected in the Old Testament as well. This week we will get to know Esther. Check out this video from The Bible …

Sunday, August 29th

Read Ezra 7 Verse 28 says: “Because the hand of the Lord my God was on me, I took courage and….” How would you finish the sentence for your life right now?

Saturday, August 28th

Read Ezra 6 Reflect on the following questions: Mercy- where do you see it in this chapter? What encourages you from this story in Ezra? How can seeing the evidence of God’s mercy here impact your life today?

Friday, August 27th

Read Ezra 5 In Genesis 16, Hagar says of God, “you are the God who sees me” and names that place Beer Lahai Roi. Verse 5 tells us that He also sees the people rebuilding the temple. How has God let you know that He sees you? (write it out on a separate piece of paper)

Thursday, August 26th

Read Ezra 4 Consider the following questions as you go about your day today: What kinds of things discourage you? Do you see evidence of mercy here? Watch this short video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1fqaITruwtA What are ways that you can go on doing what the Lord has for you to do, just like the Israelites continued working?

Wednesday, August 25th

Read Ezra 3 Reflect on the following questions: Mercy- where do you see it at work in this chapter? What do you think makes the older priests, Levites, and family heads weep as they look at this new foundation? What are the places and people you are grieving for right now- even in the midst of a new season the …