Wednesday 5/31

Read Matthew 6: 1-18  How have you come to decisions related to your giving?  In what ways has your walk with Jesus been influenced by your prayer or fasting times?  Consider praying through the Lord’s Prayer several times this week. How could you incorporate this into your prayer routine? 

Tuesday 5/30

Read Matthew 5: 21-48  From this section, who are some of the people being protected behind these prohibitions?  Jesus is challenging us beyond external conformity in each of these sections. How have you seen Him raise the bar in your own life?  

Monday 5/29

This week we are going to review the Sermon on the Mount as we will finish the preaching series this coming Sunday.  We won’t have many questions but will spend more time on reflection and remembering ways that the Spirit has convicted each of us personally during these sermons.  Read Matthew 5: 1-20  If these characteristics in the Beatitudes are …

Sunday 5/28

Spend some time in worship and prayer this morning, that the message of Jesus would shine like a light in your own life and the life of our church.

Saturday 5/27

Look back through the chapters in John. Run through its story in your mind.  What are the stories, words, thoughts, and challenges that you will remember from this devotional? 

Friday 5/26

Read John 21  What are some of the things you love about the characters in this chapter?  What are they doing? How do they respond?  What is significant in Jesus’ conversation with Peter?  Try to condense this chapter into one sentence on a separate piece of paper

Thursday 5/25

Read John 20: 19-31  How do you see the compassion and kindness of Jesus shine in these verses?  Twice Jesus offers them “peace” as He surprises them with His presence. Where do you need Jesus to say “peace” to you today?  Try to condense this chapter into one sentence on a separate piece of paper